Thomarillion´s Quest (5 rooms set) (Art.Nr. 00006)

31.95 € incl. 19% VAT.

Info about this Item:

16,5 cm x 16,5 cm each

The ingenious "L-System" by Thomarillion’s Quest provides for the varied game pleasure of a modular dungeon, because it always fits, no matter how you place it.
The possibilities of placing are infinite, including unusual varieties which will make all wishes come true. Enormous double rooms for showdowns, dead ends, or alleys with a breadth of two squares, everything is possible.
The set price 5 rooms with different design each is only € 31,95.
The price is low at € 6,96 per panel.
The figures shown on the pictures serve for size comparison purposes only. The copyright for these figures is hold by the company "Reaper".

Sculptor: Thomas Reinheckel

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