How to open a hardfoam model and create a playable inside?

  • This workshop will show how to open a hardfoam model so you can use the inside for gaming and how to embellish this inside.

    I will show how easy you can work with this material.

    Of course this will also work with other models, not only with the one I choose from Ziterdes for this workshop.

  • The delivery form of our model looks like this:

  • Step 1

    I look for a suitable cutting line on the gable sides and cut as straight as possible into the wall. I start under the roof.
    That's very easy to achieve with a cutter knife.

  • To be sure not to cut into the roof I hold the knife not straight doing my cuts at the roofsides of the house.

    If you leave the cutting line as it is, the roof will fit tight and easy at the end. But of course you can smooth the walls if you like that better.

    But be sure to remove not too much material, otherwise you will see the cuttingline later...

  • Step 2

    For some gaming systems it's quite enough what we did to have the possibility to place figures inside the house now.

  • But I want to show how easy you can embellish the interior.
    The easiest way is to use a ballpen and a knife to draw and press the windows and the door onto the walls.
    I will use this technic with the door later.
    , It will look more three-dimensional if you cut out the windows.
    I cut as straight as possible into the gap through the wall.

    You should proof before removing the window-block if all cuts came through to the inside. Otherwise it may happen that you get ugly breaks like me (see arrows).

    But hardfoam is a cool material so it was very easy to repair the mistake.

  • Step 3

    Now I remove two slices from the window-block, 2mm thick each of them.

    To be careful and accurate with this will give a better look later.

    You can forget about the first slice (the former inner wall) and cut out a rectangle from the second slice. Keep 2mm distance to the edge.

  • Now I use a ballpen to draw the frame and the window cross onto the cut surface of the remaining window-block.

    Better use a ruler for that.

    After I followed the lines of the windowpanes with the cutter, I press carefully with the ballpen to lower the level of those panes.

    Afterward I glue the selfmade frame back to its former position.

  • Now you can put the converted window-block back into its former position an fix it there with some glue.
    There should hardly be a difference on the outside but the inside should look much different now ;-)

  • Step 4

    It's also easy to build a floor for your house. Put the building onto a thin panel of Styrodur and use a pen to draw the cutting lines.

    Now you can cut the panel, draw/press some patterns onto it and glue it into its position.

  • Step 5

    But before I glue the floor I draw the door onto the wall.

    I transfer the meassures from the outside to the inside and use ballpen and knife to draw/press the door onto the surface..

  • Even handle and hinges can be created out of the rests of the hardfoam that resulted from our window conversions.

  • Step 6

    After painting it looks like this:

    Of course you can embellish the interior more than I did by drawing/pressing wooden beams onto the wall or you use wooden swizzle sticks to create some beams.

    There is no limit for your fantasy...

  • Of course it's possible to open the windows completely. Just leave the window crosses unharmed but remove the original windowpanes with the knife.

    It's even possible to slice the window-block in a way that allows you to fit in a grille or a transparent sheet to get "real" windowpanes.

    That looks very good if you use interior light.

  • We wish you a lot of fun with constructing and painting.

    Your team