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To the shipping costs:

We don´t have a general flat rate for shipping costs, as shipping costs are wholly dependent on the country of destination, shipping weight, and size dimensions of your package and may vary considerably.

But one is for sure!! We always try to find the most economical way of shipping for our customers and you´ll only have to pay the real postage costs. Packaging is free of charge as long as we can afford this! Feel free to order, you´ll always get a personal e-mail with the real shipping costs first. After receiving this you can choose if this is economical for you or not.

Or send us a list with the items you´re interested in and we´ll make you an offer.

We promise that we will always treat you with respect and honesty.

All prices are including 19% value added tax.

For orders from Germany from a value of 100€, and for orders within the EU from a value of 200€ and a weight up to 10kg the shipping is free.

You may pay in advance (we tell you price and account in our mail) or via PayPal (bank transfers only).

To the items:

For our items we normally use the materials metal, resin, wood, hardfoam and keramin. All items are supplied unpainted, construction kits and some figures are supplied in individual parts.

Materials like resin, keramin and hardfoam may have tiny bubbles which can be closed easily with putty like GreenStuff, ProCreate or MiliPut.

As the consignment may include small parts (partly also containing lead), these articles are not suited for small children.

From 1st of January 2011 on we have changed the material of many of our products from ceramic casting slip to resin. But we still produce some items in ceramic, so please check the explaining text for the declared material.

To the models:

The models serve on the one hand as scene for various fantasy games, on the other hand they can be used as well as objects for decoration due to their richness in detail. The models and terrains are hand-made by us utilizing different materials. We normally use the following materials: styrodur, polystrol, keramin, high-quality acryl paint, finest transparent resin, and gritting material. The ready-made models show a high degree of stability and strength

To the pictures:

The models correspond to the pictures, unless indicated otherwise. Therefore it is not necessary to make new pictures every time. Minor differences in the forming of the rocks and the details are caused by the hand-making. Every piece is unique. However, should models vary strongly, new pictures will be added or can be sent in advance. On some pictures, you can see figures or articles of other manufacturers. These serve as size comparison and in order to illustrate the possibilities of utilizing our product. It goes without saying that the copyright for the articles of other manufacturers remains with these manufacturers!

To the homepage:

You will find an overview of the available models via the buttonCatalogue Here you will also find a number of pictures of each model, the possibility to view pictures in large format as well as an option for ordering.

Under the buttonOrdersthe models are listed. Here you may revise your order list and send it to us per e-mail.

Please pay attention to our delivery terms under the buttonBusiness Conditions/Liability.

Furthermore we would like to draw your attention to the button Links.

And now have fun with Thomarillion!