How do the tree-kits work?

  • On the backside of the package you find a quite good explanation how to do it, but we like to show you how it works before you have to buy one.

  • The following parts are included:

    Two plastic sprues, a kind of wool, and foliage.

  • Step 1

    First take the plastic sprues and bend the bransches and twigs into a natural position.
    Take your time for that step, you will appreciate the result.
    The plastic is easy to bend and if you are careful, the branches won't break.
    Both trees will soon become different looks, what makes the whole thing more realistic. We are not in the tree nursery...

  • Step 2

    If you like you may use some paint and the "drybrushing" technique to approve the look of the stem and bring out its details.

  • Step 3

    Now I put the wool into the tops of the twigs.
    Don't use too much of it but be sure to cover all the endings.
    It may look a bit strange now but you'll soon discover the use of that wool.

  • In the left tree I covered not enough endings, in the right one I used too much wool.

  • Step 4

    Now we need the foliage. Use and old newspaper as an underlay so you can collect the foliage and don't waste it.

  • Not included is the so called grasglue which I use to put the foliage onto the tree.
    The glue dries out transparent and I cover the endings of the twigs and the wool with it.

  • Strew some foliage into the wet glue but be sure that you don't have any glue on the stem or the thicker branches.
    The grasglue from Ziterdes dries out slowly, so you can cover bigger areas with it.
    Now both, foliage and wool stick to the twigs and branches and you will recognize how important the wool is.
    This material gives your model the volume of a magnificent and healthy tree.

  • That's how the finished trees look like.

  • We wish you a lot of fun with constructing and painting.

    Your team