How to build the siege tower.

  • Content of the construction kit

    Tools I used:
    Cutter knife, scissors, wood glue, instant glue, brush, Acryl colors

  • Step 1

    Lets start with the hatch of the tower. Glue those four parts as you can see on the picture.
    Take care that both beams are fixed in the similar position on their side.
    Both ends of the beams overlap a bit.

  • Step 2

    Another part of the tower we need later is the latter.
    Glue the three parts together.

  • Step 3

    Now I take both big framwork sides and glue the planked wall onto them.
    You can use an axis and the X-shaped framework to find the correct positions.
    Keep in mind that the planked walls are on the inside of the framework. Put the framework facedown to the table and glue the nicer side of the planked walls on it.

  • Step 4

    Now I glue the part with those two X-shaped beams and the six k-shaped connecting beams onto one of the side parts.

    Glue the oposite side onto the connections before the glue has dried, so you can better arrange them.
    Take care that the framework is in the right angle!
    Attention! Later in the workshop I glue the floors inside of the tower (3 of them) but it may be easier if you try to put them into their positions before the other side part of the framework is glued!

  • Step 5

    Now I glue the first floor onto the x-shaped beams.
    The holes in the floor should be at the same position like those in the side walls.

    Glue the small beams into the holes of the floor, an axis helps to find the correct position.

  • Step 6

    Now I glue the handles.

    Glue a little ring onto one end of an axis and push it from the outside into the tower.
    It's better to arrange (and glue) the ropes to the axis now (not like I did), so make a loop and move the axis also through that before it reaches the hole of the beam.

  • Step 7

    You can glue the roof part onto the sloped beams on the frontside of the tower.

  • Step 8

    Now I glue the next floor into the first upper level. Take care that the holes are directly above the handle axis.

  • Step 9

    Next level, next floor. It's the same with the holes again...

  • Step 10

    The gaps of the roof of the uppermost level are on the frontside of the tower.

  • Step 11

    Build the axis as shown on the picture and glue it to the backside of the vertical beam in the uppermost position.
    Only glue the rings and the axis stays moveable.

  • Step 12

    Now we need the parts for the axis of the hatch and glue them as shown on the picture.
    Take care that you only glue the rings.

    Now you can glue the whole thing into its position on the frontside of the tower.
    Only glue the axisholders!

  • Step 13

    The next thing I do is to thread the ropes through the holes of the floors. Then around the uppermost axis and knot to the hatch.

    Take care that the ropes have a similar length and the result should look like below.
    After pushing the axis through the holes I glue the four wheels onto the ends.

  • Step 14

    At least I glue the latter into its position.

  • Here are some pictures of the painted siege tower.

    Have fun with constructing and painting

    Yours Team