Instruction how to build the catapult.

  • Content of the construction kit for the catapult

    The tools I used:

    Cutterknife, Scissors, Superglue, Woodglue, Brush, Acrylcolor

  • Step 1

    First I glue the eight small rectangular bits onto the engraved positions on the four wheels.

  • Step 2

    The arm is made out of three parts.
    Check that both little pins to hold the ropes are on the correct side.

  • Step 3

    The winding wheel is made out of three parts too. Glue the discs left and right onto the part with the lever. The holes help to find the position.

  • Step 4

    And now the side parts and the axle of the arm.
    Carefully release both cylindric axle-parts from the pieces for the framework and glue them on each end of the axle of the arm.
    Now you can glue the arm into its position at the axle.
    Glue three rectangular framelike parts into their positions on each of the side parts of the framework. These little frames simulate metal bands.

  • Step 5

    Now you can connect the framework (engravings on th outsides). First stick the arm into its position (check the position of the bowl) and then glue the part with the "X" into the sideparts. Engravings should be on the topside.
    Now you can glue the supportbeam for the "Bow" and the front connecting beam into their position.
    ATTENTION! The connecting beam has NO rounded edges like the bumper beam, which we need in the next step!

  • Step 6

    We have nearly finished the framework. Only glue the "Bow" and the bumper beam into their position and bend them with some rope.
    If you soak the rope with woodglue it becomes very stable.

  • Step 7

    Now you can move the axle of the winding wheel into the holes of the framework.
    Glue the winding wheel onto the axle, no matter if right or left of the framework. On each end of the axle you can glue one of the two bigger rings.

  • Step 8

    Two toothpicks serve as axles for the wheels. I cut off on pointed end and glue a wheel and one of the four little rings onto the end of the axle.
    Now I push that part into the holes of the framework and stick another wheel and another ring onto the oposite side. Now I mark the position where I have to cut the toothpick with a pen and pull the toothpick out again.
    After cutting the second pointed end off I move the toothpick back again and glue wheel and ring onto it .

    And now the same again with the second axle.

  • Step 9

    As a last step I fix a piece of rope at the "bow" and use another piece as tensioning rope.

    Make a little slipknot at the end of the rope you winded around the winding wheel axle and glue that loop to the hook of the throwing arm bowl.

    If the wooden parts wouldn't be so thin, the catapult would work. But unfortunately the wood would not survive very long...

  • And here a picture of the painted catapult.

  • Have fun with constructing and painting

    Yours Team