Instruction how to build the horsehead pump.

  • Content of the construction-kit

    Used tools:
    Cutter knife, Woodglue, Instantglue, Brush, Acrylcolors

  • Step 1

    First I glue the parts of the arm together.
    The thickest part is in the middle, the others left and right of it

  • Step 2

    The link to th engine is also made out of five parts.
    The positions of the small parts are engraved..

    Now you can arrange that linking part at the arm.
    Only glue the rings to the axis and the parts will stay moveable

  • Step 3

    Now I build a block out of five pieces that builds the link between the weights, the arm and the engine.
    Glue both smaller parts with hole onto the left and the right side of the bigger part. The holes help with finding the correct position.
    Take care to glue the smaller part with two holes onto the correct side.

    Afterwards I glur the three parts of the drive wheel into their position.
    If you don't glur the wheel, you still can spin it..

  • Step 4

    Now I arrange five more parts to that unit.
    Only glue axis and rings and you can still move the weights!.
    Arrange the weights close to the unit but take care that they still can be moved properly.

  • Step 5

    Now we build the base plate and the framework.
    Let's start with the six parts of the base plate. Glue the three shorter beams to their position on the both longer beams.

    Take care that the notches of those longer beams point upwards.
    Now you can glue the plate ont those beam. Check the position of the engravings (see picture).

  • Step 6

    Glue the ladder shaped frame into the notches and support it with the left single long beam.

  • Step 7

    Both holdings for the axis of the arm can be glued into their positions on the top of the ladder shaped frame..
    Take care that the glue has dryed before you go on.

  • Step 8

    Now you can link the Arm and the frame with an axis and two rings.
    Of course the arm should still be moveable.

  • Step 9

    Now we link the Arm with the weights.
    We need the two axis and two more rings.
    Keep an eye on the distance between weight and connecting rod (see picture - red doubleheaded arrow). It must be big enough that the rod can move over the ends of weight axis (see picture - yellow arrow).

  • Step 10

    Now glue the second wheel of the drive and arrange it into its position onto the baseplate.
    Also glue the unit with the weights onto the baseplate.

    After the glue has dryed you can build the drive belt.
    You may use a flat, black rubberband or use a thin strip of cardbord, like I did.

  • Here are some pictures of the painted pump.

    Have fun with constructing and painting

    Yours Team